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3D Render Service

"SEE"  the end result BEFORE you invest in your new build or renovation project.

Colour 3D visualisations allow you to experience your future space and recognise its full potential. These visualisations use your actual chosen finishes including colours and textures to make your renders a reality.

Interiors - Visualise your cabinetry design (kitchen, bathroom/ensuite, laundry, robe etc), furnished living spaces (dining, living) and bedrooms.

Exteriors - See your chosen external house colours, materials and finishes.

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3D Render of Kitchen

why are 3D renders important?...

Many people find it difficult to viusalise their space from a two dimensional floor plan.  This often results in missed opportunities, miscommunication with tradespeople, errors during construction and ultimately, unhappy homeowners.


Our 3D Rendering service aims to:

  • Give you the confidence that your future spaces are going to be functional for you and your family's day to day activities by allowing you to experience them in a 3D space before any construction commences

  • Assist you to visualise your chosen paint colours, finishes and fixtures to ensure they will create a cohesive interior

  • Compare different options to assist you with selecting the perfect final materials and finishes

  • Eliminate errors and miscommunication with the construction team by addressing any concerns prior to construction, saving you time, stress and money!

Every project starts with a FREE 20min Discovery Call to discuss your requirements

the process...

3D Render of Kitchen

what you receive...

  • A customisable service depending on your 3D rendering requirements. You will receive a quote following the Discovery Call

  • Pre consultation time to collate and review your documentation, selections, inspiration etc

  • Digital 3D model construction, application of finishes, colours and lighting

  • 3D photorealistic render creation and image adjustment

  • Revisions as required 

  • 3D renders in either JPEG or PDF format

  • Can add-on Walk Throughs for the ultimate experience in MOV format

You will need to provide:

  • Dimensioned floor plan

  • Dimensioned elevations

  • Dimensioned cabinetry plans (kitchen, bathroom vanities, laundry, mudroom, walk in robe etc)

  • Details of your chosen finishes, fittings and fixtures

  • Details of any furnishings, artwork etc you would like shown in the renders​

BUILDERS - 3D rendering services are available for your client projects, please get in touch to discuss.

ready to get started?

Get in touch to schedule a FREE 20 minute Discovery Session to discuss your requirements

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